Mohamad Al Kabani

متاح للعمل

محمد القباني

اعرف المزيد عني


مستشار ومختص في التجارة الالكترونية
وتطوير المواقع والمتاجر الالكترونية
وتحسين محركات البحث

الدورات والبرامج التدريبيّة

دورة تصميم وبناء المواقع والمتاجر الالكترونية

تعمق في عمل المتاجر الرقميّة للمشاريع الناشئة بأحدث الأدوات والتقنيات


دورة إنشاء واطلاق الحملات الاعلانية

تعمق في عمل المواقع الرقميّة للمشاريع الناشئة بأحدث الأدوات والتقنيات

المقالات والكتابات

أحدث المشاريع

بعض الشهادات

Mohamad is a very hyper person, I worked with him for some time on extremely complicated tasks, and he showed an owner and delivered on time without the need for follow-ups. If you trust him, he will not let you down, he will deliver more than you expect. Mohamad has a wide knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing. Based on my experience with him, he can easily lead an IT department

Fathi AlMuzel


I highly recommend Mohammed for employment opportunities due to his dedication, professionalism, and strong work ethic. He is excel in tasks, meet deadlines, and possess strong interpersonal skills. Mohammed is adaptable, innovative, team player and an asset to any organization

Mohammed Ramami

Coffee Moments

Mohammad is highly skilled in E-commerce management. His deep understanding of E-commerce strategies, innovative solutions, and ability to drive impressive results make him a valuable asset. Mohammad excels in fostering collaboration, empowering his team, and achieving outstanding results

Omar Barakat